Come to Worship - Leave to Serve

Other Ministries

Here are just some of our other Ministries and Councils. 
Please see the weekly bulletin for the full list and feel free to contact the relevant person if interested in joining any.

Adoration Chapel: Deacon Steve Guess. 664-0980

Adult Faith Formation:  

Altar Linen Care: Mary Vogel. 388-5863

Altar Servers: Concetta Hall 538-1988

Art & Environment: Lynn & Frank Warecke  913-1039

Audio / Visual: John Korczynski. 973/919-6529

Bible Study:  Carol Therien 453-3545

Consolation / Funeral Arrangements:  Andrea Schroeder at 631-671-1974

First Saturday Flea Market:  Rosemary Neidich. 581-8665

Finance Council:  Anthony Donini. 388-3301

Food Pantry:  Jim & Mary Emmerich  772-589-0067

Full of Grace Mininstry: Joan & Bob LaPenna  228-8053 

Garden Angels: Darla Trudell Schebal. 539-1425

Gift Shop: Darlene Gerardi 860-605-3271

Helping Hands:   589-5790

Homebound & Sick: 

Hospital Visits:  Trish Wesley 571-4535

Migrant Worker's Clothing:  Beverly Haraldsen 589-5123

Music: John Korczynski. 973/919-6529

New Beginnings: Mark Barletta. 202-7263

Newcomers:  Marge Repasz 309-264-8143

Office Volunteers:   589-5790

Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission: Rev. Sabas Mallya. 772/571-9875

Parish Council: Jerry Repasz 309-264-8141 [email protected]

Respect for Life:

Rummage Sale: Jane & Glen Schneider. 585-889-5069

Ushers:  Bill Wright 205-5236

W.I.N.G.S: Laurette Chunka. 918-4707