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Words from our Priests

Words from our Priests

The Eight Beatitudes of Healthy Families

Posted by Fr John Morrissey

(Holy Family Sunday 2018, by Fr. Dick Sparks, C.S.P.)

Rather than assuming, projecting or bemoaning the fact that there are flaws and tensions in your own family-of-origin or in the families that we ourselves have fathered or mothered, or in our workplace or social networks, I’d like to propose ... Read More »

The Blessed Virgin's role in our Salvation

Posted by Fr John Morrissey

VATICAN 11 & THE BLESSED VIRGIN(Cana 1) Vatican 11’s “Constitution on the Church” has a special chapter on the Blessed Virgin. It does not add much to our knowledge of the Blessed Virgin.  But it does clarify a few areas, especially the differences between Christ and his Mother and their ... Read More »

Reconciliation and Forgiveness

Posted by Fr John Morrissey

Forgiveness Through the Celebration of Eucharist

Over the years I’ve heard many people express their fears of receiving Holy Communion in the state of mortal sin. These fears are rooted in the words of St. Paul to the Corinthians. St. Paul warned the Christians at Corinth not to receive ... Read More »

Sacred Scripture's Importance in our Lives

Posted by Fr John Morrissey

VATICAN II & THE READING OF SCRIPTURE One of my disappointments over the years is the lack of interest among parishioners in Bible study. Since I came here, I've put on Bible study  at least twice a year  with a rather poor response. Some  years ago, we put on  an ... Read More »

Is Communion really the Body and Blood of Christ

Posted by Fr John Morrissey


Some years ago, one of my nieces made her First Holy Communion. Wanting to find out what kids nowadays believe, I asked her what she had been taught about the Blessed Eucharist. She told me that the Blessed Eucharist symbolizes Christ's presence among us.

When I ... Read More »


Posted by Fr John Morrissey

“Homosexuals can have sometimes been told by their families that they don't belong to them; by their Church that they are desperate sinners; by medical doctors that they are sick; and by the law that they are criminals.”

 What is homosexuality? How do you describe or define it?

The ... Read More »