Come to Worship - Leave to Serve

Altar Server Ministry


Altar Servers needed
for weekday Funeral Masses.
Please contact Bill Seibel
if interested at 772-925-9852

Covid Protocols

1. Remember to arrive 15 minutes early. 

2. Wear your mask when dressing and preparing and while in the Sacristy waiting for Mass to begin.

3. See about lighting the candles .

4. Only one server carries up the cross, the others carry nothing. Try to touch as little as possible.

5. Please wear your mask when going up to the Altar, when handling the gifts, and when leaving the church at the end of Mass. 

6. Sit on opposit sides of the altar, (6 feet apart) before taking your masks off.

7. Be sure to wash your hands before Mass and use hand sanitizer frequently during mass before touching or assisting at any time.

8. PLEASE put your masks back on ANY TIME you are interacting with the Priest, Deacon or SMEs. Also, please make sure that the mask is Church appropriate.

9. We are not holding hands during the Our Father, and we only gesture for signs of peace.

10. If you are not feeling well, please do NOT serve! We need to make sure we are keeping our clergy safe and it would be better for you to not serve than to risk the health of our Priests, Deacons, SMEs or anyone in our Parish.

The Altar Server Ministry at St. Sebastian's is open to anyone who has received the sacrament of First Holy Communion.
Servers assist the Priest and

Deacon in preparing the Altar for Mass and conducting the rituals and rites of the blessed sacrament.
They are essential to the Mass and in serving,

they serve everyone in our parish. Those interested should be devout Catholics with a firm faith and devotion.
They need to arrive 15 minutes early

to Mass and are among the last to leave afterwards. Most of our altar servers  
are available for 2-3 Masses a month, but some serve every week.

We have a boys and girls of all ages that serve our parish in this essential Ministry.

Interested Parishioners, please contact Concetta Hall-  [email protected] or  (772) 538-1988